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37Creative Design Graphik

"Design speaks for itself"

The creation of breathtaking and individually tailored graphics, logos and websites for our clients is our passion. At this point we operate as designers who create representative logos for their clients, draw to the point graphics or create expressive websites.

With our creativity and our know-how, we create great things for our regional and international clients in the field of design. We look after start-ups that want to find their visual identity, up to traditional companies that want to give their external image a new look. Our creative thinking and our love of design offers you the opportunity to present your company perfectly for your needs.

Redesign of the website of the visualization office phormin
Focus on the portfolio
Mockup Homepage phormin.com
37Creative Branding Graphik

"Brands do not follow, but set signs"

Our focus is on the holistic development of brand and corporate communication, whether internal or external. We act as a brand consultant, managing a wide range of projects for our clients, from naming to extensive communication measures, or realizing individual projects in the print and digital sectors for established companies.

With our expertise, we develop cross-media branding and corporate identity based on sustainable strategies for regional and international clients. No matter whether it is a short-term project to be managed or a long-term partnership. With our maximum creativity and our lateral thinking gene, we create solutions that do not have to compromise. We create new things, implement and surprise.

Mockup Homepage maxmatch.de
Brand Consulting & Design of the website of the recruitment agency maxmatch GmbH
Establishing the brand maxmatch GmbH
Logo maxmatch GmbH

Great cooperation. I just had a logo and a name when we met for the first time, and from then on, we used 37Creative to pull up the maxmatch website and hook up all sorts of extra features and interfaces (eg, CRM integration, Calendly diaries, Explanatory videos, online forms, privacy and more). The team around Alex and Simon goes the extra mile, has a great deal of expertise and looks outside the box. There was no wish that would not have been fulfilled in the end, and all for a fair price.

Benjamin Waldhart

Founder & CEO
maxmatch GmbH

37Creative Coaching Graphik

"Knowledge helps with lack of knowledge"

Examples of the effects of social media can be found in abundance on the World Wide Web. The questions are not whether they exist, but how they come about and how they can be influenced. These questions are often left unanswered.

Companies understand the importance of this public communication channel, but do not understand how these channels work and how they can use them to increase their image and thus their turnover. We offer, through our expertise in social media, seminars to train your employees and to bring your company forward through newly acquired knowledge.


Alexander Romero

CEO & Creative Director

BA Marketing and Communication & BA Journalism


+49 89 15886937
Bauerstraße 37, 80796 Munich